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The terms of services are determined here. We remain the right to change or modify the Terms of Service. If you use the site after the changes were made it means you accept the modifications made in new Terms of Services. Please look through this page regularly. In case you do not accept any part of this Agreement or any changes, we kindly ask you not to use the website.

By entering, browsing, providing information or using the website in any other way, you agree to adhere to Terms and services and vmobify.in Policy.

vmobify.in provides the scope of services, which can give the client (a publisher, an advertiser, a developer or any other involved person) a chance to use the website’s service (the “Service”) in favor of the chosen application. This website provides services that allow the Client to get reviews/installs/users (the “Goods”) in the Play Store/App Store (the “Store”) effectively. Since the terms of service regulate the User’s use of vmobify.in, we ask you to read them completely before using the Service.

BETWEEN (the “Client”) AND vmobify.in:

(a) vmobify.in does not have the rights of any kind (except the ones guaranteed in this Agreement) in the developed applications and all Intellectual Property Rights. All the rights, title and interest are kept by the CLIENT.

(b) vmobify.in obtains all the rights, title and interest in vmobify.in Service (including the applications of this website), vmobify.in Service Documentation and all associated Intellectual Property Rights and the CLIENT obtains none of them (except the ones granted in this Agreement).


The CLIENT has a right to provide some suggestions, feedback, improvement ideas or materials to us that are connected to vmobify.in. In case, the CLIENT provides us any kind of such information, the CLIENTagrees to provide us the complete right, title and interest in and to such feedback to vmobify.in and admits that we will be able to use this kind of information in any manner.


The CLIENT admits that it is only his responsibility to develop, operate and maintain his applications and not the responsibility of vmobify.in. The CLIENT is also responsible for all content and materials that appear within the application. For example, the CLIENT has responsibility for:

  • The technical functioning of the applications and respective equipment;
  • Creation and display of content in the application;
  • The correctness and appropriateness of the applications and the materials available by using the applications;
  • Guaranteeing that the applications and their content do not violate the rights of the third party (for example, copyrights, privacy or trademarks);
  • Ensuring that the materials available through the applications are not defamatory or illegal in any other way;
  • Guaranteeing that you thoroughly and adequately show how you collect, store and utilize the information left by the visitors, including the one by the third parties and that you completely agree with the privacy policy that us as user-favorable as the one set by vmobify.in and any complaints relating to your applications or the content by users or third parties.



  • You possess all the rights and can guarantee us that all the rights and licenses stated in this Agreement do not violate the rights of the third parties;
  • Your applications, their content and use do not infringe or violate the rights of people (copyright, patent or any other kind of intellectual property and proprietary rights);
  • You provide an application that will (a) correspond to the applicable laws and regulations, including export control laws and specific regulations of the country in regards to use of vmobify.in; (b) keep all licenses and permissions connected to the Service; and (c) if the application would involve payments, comply with the regulations and rules of any payment network (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal)
  • The content of the application cannot be illegal in any way and manner;
  • Your applications and their content does not contain any virus, adware or other malicious code;
  • Your applications correspond to the terms of this Agreement and other policies and guidelines in it.



vmobify.in has no responsibility for the customer content or any kind of third party software, whether it was caused by customers, by vmobify.in, or third parties, or equipment or programming associated with the service. vmobify.in is not responsible for the behavior of any Service’s user. This website carries no responsibility for the problems in the technical functioning of the network or service, computer systems, and equipment, software connected with the use of Service. vmobify.in cannot provide any guarantees and does not pledge any specific results after utilizing the service.


In any case, vmobify.in will be liable to you or any third person for any consequential, indirect, or some other special damages, including lost profits or data resulting from using the service. By using the website’s service, the CLIENT agrees that any dispute that may arise between the vmobify.in and the CLIENT will be solved in accordance to the laws of India. 


The CLIENT agrees to secure the vmobify.in and its partners from any loss, claim, demand, expenses and damages, including the attorney’s fees that arise as a result of the Service use or the Agreement violation as well as the violation of any law or the third party’s rights.


These Terms of Service and Agreement draw up the complete agreement between the CLIENT and the vmobify.in website in regards to the use of the Service. If some provision in this Agreement is invalid, its remainder has to continue completely. If some provision of these Terms of Use and Agreement is considered unlawful or unenforceable, then it has to be deemed separate from these Terms of Use and should not influence the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.