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  • 50 Installs included
  • 50 5 Star Ratings
  • Only Real People Reviews
  • India Reviews
  • Google Dev Console Tracking
  • Delivery Time: 1-2 Weeks
App Review


  • 100 Installs included
  • 100 5 Star Ratings
  • Only Real People Reviews
  • India Reviews
  • Google Dev Console Tracking
  • Delivery Time: 1-3 Weeks

Buy Guaranteed Android Reviews & Ratings

With lots of options from many apps, users make choices based on a few parameters like app icon, screenshots, number of downloads and reviews. Reviews and ratings, they will play a very crucial role in android app promotion. Reviews help users to know more about other users’ opinions about the app, major things or concerns before even installing the app. Also, reviews are very important for your paid acquisition campaigns to increase the CTR and hence it will bring down your acquisition costs. Buy android reviews from India or worldwide. If you are targeting your app to Indian people or any western countries or any specific country, we will help you. You just need to pick a package and buy android reviews and ratings. 


All reviews are very well written after studying your app, promoting features and major things involved in the app. Buy android reviews in India now from real people and genuine users. All reviews are incentive based reviews from unique android devices with the highest OS version. 


You can also give your content if you want a specific content to be placed for your android app reviews. Just contact us once you order and then we will take care of those custom reviews.

Best Practices Buying Android Reviews India

When you buy android app reviews, you will need to make sure you buy them correctly. Google has a very good review filter system so you will need to be very precise while ordering android reviews. 


E.g If your app is very new and hardly receives any review or gets 1-2/ day then its ideal you order around 2-3 reviews per day. Sudden jumps in reviews and ratings will not help your app as most of them will be removed by the google. So. please make sure you contact our ASO experts before buying android reviews if you are not sure what quantity to buy. 


You need to keep a stable velocity for your reviews, like if you are ordering 5-10 reviews then keep the same for a while let’s say 2-3 months to get better results quickly. Reviews are very important to boost apps in the top charts, ASO and explore (similar apps) section. 


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Real Users Unique Devices

All Android reviews from India are incentive based reviews means we pay our users rewards to perform these tasks. Users will download the app and give ratings and reviews. This way, you can maintain your android ratings.

Dedicated Account Manager and Support

If you are not sure how to structure your android reviews and ratings campaigns. If you need specialists helps to design a customized package for you then you can reach out to our dedicated account manager through support section.